CEO of the Eranove Group

Marc Albérola is CEO and Manager of Eurocham CI (European Chamber of Commerce in the Ivory Coast) since 2019. At the centre of the Eranove group, he is also: General Manager of Eranove Ivory Coast, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GS2E…

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Deputy CEO of the Eranove group

Mrs Pascale Albert-Lebrun is the Deputy CEO of the Eranove group. An HEC graduate, she began her career at COFIROUTE in 1993, where she held various posts in financial management…

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Mr Eric Tauziac

General Secretary of the Eranove group

At the centre of the Eranove group, Mr Tauziac is General Secretary of the Group and is also manager of CIPREL, GS2E, CIE, SODECI, SDE, and AWALE…

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Managing Director of CIPREL

Mr Bernard Kouassi N’guessan has been the Managing Director of CIPREL since January 2010. He has more than 25 years’ experience in management and in the operation of thermal plants in the Ivory Coast…

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M. Jean-Claude SIMANA

Managing Director of SDE

With a diploma from the ISG, a renown French Business School, Jean Claude SIMANA  was Deputy Chief Executive Officer from April 2015 to December 2019. He was appointed  Chief Executive Officer of SDE in January 2020…

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Mr Basile Ebah

Managing Director of SODECI

Mr Basile Ebah has been Managing Director of SODECI (Water distribution company of the Ivory Coast) since 2006. Before becoming Managing Director, Basile Ebah was Operations and Technical Deputy Managing Director…

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Mr Dominique Kakou

Managing Director of CIE

Mr Dominique Kakou is the Managing Director of CIE. With an engineering degree from Yamoussoukro (1982) and another degree from CESAG (African Management College) in 1990, Mr Dominique Kakou began his professional career as a civil servant in the Department of Public Works…

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Mr Daniel Sampah

Managing Director of AWALE

With a degree in electrical engineering from ESIGELEC in Rouen and a Master’s degree in Business administration from the University of Poitiers, Daniel Sampah has worked in the Ivory Coast’s electricity sector for 20 years…

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Mr Patrick Penaud

Managing Director of SMART ENERGY

Before becoming Managing Director of Smart Energy in 2017, Mr Patrick Penaud worked, most notably, at EADS Defense & Security, ERICSSON, MTN Ivory Coast…

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Mr Zahalo Silue

Managing Director of SPV KENIE, ASOKH and LOUETSI

Project Director for Eranove, the leading pan-African industrial group in public services management and electricity and water production, Zalaho Silue is, in particular, responsible for the development of hydroelectric projects…

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Mr Sylvestre Sem

Managing Director of GS2E

Mr Sylvestre Sem is the Managing Director of GS2E, CIE and SODECI’s economic interest group. A graduate of ESIGELEC in Rouen (in Industrial and Software Engineering), Sylvestre Sem is an expert in information systems…

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