Eranove is a pan-African group that is a leading industrial player in public services management and drinking water and electricity production.

With more than 8 700 employees, the Eranove group is developing a model that is unique to this continent, bringing together a 60-year history of work in Africa, expertise in the value chain of water and electricity-related work (structuring and development of projects, production, network management, distribution, commercialisation) and a strong commitment to public-private partnerships.

These are the main advantages of a group that is authentically pan-African, whose operational and economic priority is to provide effective, successful, appropriate and sustainable solutions to the African challenge of access to essential services (electricity, water, sanitation, education, information, etc.), when resources are abundant and the lack of access is hindering the development of African economies.

The figures speak for themselves. More than 320 million Africans don’t have access to drinking water, even though the continent has more than 5000 billion cubic metres of water in its water tables. Less than 35% of the African population has electricity, even though the continent’s hydro-electric capacity is estimated to be 300 Gigawatts (GW), that is three times the current production capacity.

In order to take on the challenge of access to drinking water and electricity, the Eranove group is putting together an African approach, developing skills through training, decentralising responsibility within different subsidiaries, putting in place bespoke solutions, appropriate to each situation, and systems for maintaining excellence, in accordance with international standards of quality and responsibility. This ecosystem of skills and operational requirements guarantees performance. The employee shareholding scheme and private African capital are the two other facets of this inclusive industrial strategy, which is available in the Ivory Coast, in Senegal and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as in the many projects that have been developed in recent years in Gabon, Madagascar, Mali and Togo.

The growth of the Eranove group’s development and its geographic expansion validate this approach as the correct one, supported by a leading pan-African shareholder, Emerging Capital Partners (ECP).

Press kit 2018