The Board of Directors

Mr Vincent Le Guennou, Chairman of the Board of the Eranove Group (on the left) and Mr Marc Alberola, the Eranove Group’s CEO


The Board of Directors determines policy and monitors its implementation. It discusses, in particular, important strategic, economic and financial positions


The Eranove group’s Board of Directors includes:


  • Mr Vincent Le Guennou, co-CEO of Emerging Capital Partners (ECP)


  • Mr Jean-Marc Simon, ECP FII Finagestion SARL
  • Mr Brice Lodugnon, Emerging Capital Partners (ECP)
  • Mr Julien Gailleton, AXA group
  • Mr Philippe de Martel, AXA group
  • Mr Mansour Mamadou Cama, director
  • Mr Marc Alberola, CEO Eranove SA
  • Mr Eric Tauziac, General Secretary Eranove SA