Saving resources

The Eranove group places particular importance on conserving resources, especially those that are essential for its work, both in terms of production and distribution: specifically natural gas and back-up fuel, which are transformed into electricity, and raw water, which is transformed into drinking water and electricity.

This is put into action in the following ways:

The creation of Smart Energy in 2017

Smart Energy is a company that is committed to energy efficiency. It works with all the energy needs of its professional customers, including energy audits, measurement plans, optimising consumption and supplying renewable energy.

Sustainable production

The construction of the CIPREL IV combined cycle, the specifically designed new combined cycle thermal plant at the ATINKOU project in the Ivory Coast, and the Kékéli Efficient Power Plant project in Togo are all examples of sustainable development in action within the Eranove group.

The combined cycle recycles hot exhaust gases that are released by a gas turbine or turbines, using them to power a steam turbine. In this way, the steam turbine produces energy without using any additional gas.


CIE, SODECI and SDE all use the ‘Smart grid’ for drinking water, electricity and street lighting. Using information technology and ‘smart networks’ facilitates better monitoring and, therefore, reduced consumption, while also improving global network performance.


The three companies in the Eranove group that deal with end users (SDE, SODECI et CIE) promote the reduction of water consumption and energy efficiency using many different methods (website, social networks, posters, press).

Let's save energy together - CIE