Commitment to CSR

The Eranove group’s awareness of environmental issues was first conceived more than 10 years ago, with responsible management and QSE triple certification.

Since 2015, all the group’s companies have carried out CSR monitoring of more than 200 indicators within a certain scope, representing the footprint of the company’s work, as recommended by Eranove SA. Every year, this data feeds into a group-wide system, which then becomes a useful tool for monitoring and management. In order to guarantee transparency, thoroughness and honesty, Eranove has voluntarily had its CSR reporting constructed and validated by an independent third- party Organisation, according to the Grenelle II bill.

These environmental, social and societal indicators are now built into the management cycles of CIE, SODECI, SDE and CIPREL.

2018 saw a renewed drive to consolidate the Eranove group’s commitment to CSR. In its Extra- financial performance declaration, the group described its work and demonstrated, using risk analysis, that its commitments are in line with the reality of its work, and that the most important and relevant issues are covered.

The result is a CSR policy, in the form of indicators, which covers the most important risks. It is based on 4 commitments:

Focus 1 (Human resources), Development of human capital and a responsible employer
Focus 2 (Environment), Prevention, optimisation of resources and solutions
Focus 3 (Society), Access to essential services and community development
Focus 4 (Governance), Ethical governance and compliance

Alongside this, continuing its commitment to the QSE certification process and supporting sustainable development, the Eranove group encourages its operational companies to develop their societal responsibility in line with ISO 26000, which stipulates relevant guidelines and goals.

In this way, SDE (all of the perimeter) and CIE (electricity production perimeter) are rated “exemplary level”. CIPREL is rated “confirmed level” around its whole perimeter. All the projects seek to do the same in relation to future production units.

Commitment to CSR - Eranove