Commitment to CSR

Since 2015, all the Group’s companies have put in place CSR monitoring of a series of indicators within a certain scope, representing the footprint of the company’s work, as recommended by Eranove SA.

In order to guarantee transparency, thoroughness and honesty, Eranove has voluntarily constructed and validated its CSR reporting according to the Grenelle II bill.

Since the 2016 financial year, CSR reporting has been built into the companies’ management cycles. In this way, from now on, the environmental, social and societal indicators of CIE, SODECI, SDE and CIPREL will be presented at the Board of Directors’ accounts consolidation meeting, ahead of the presentation and validation of the extra-financial scope of the Eranove group. In this way, all of the Eranove group is helping to decompartmentalise both management information and environmental, social and societal information.

Alongside this, continuing its commitment to the QSE certification process and supporting sustainable development, the Eranove group encourages its operational companies to develop their societal responsibility in line with ISO 26000, which stipulates relevant guidelines and goals.

In this way, CIE (electricity production perimeter) and SDE (all of the perimeter except the Kohr factory) are rated ‘Exemplary Level’; CIPREL (around its whole perimeter) is rated ‘Confirmed Level’.

In fact, CIE’s DPE (Electricity Production Management), which was initially rated ‘Confirmed Level’, successfully renewed its CSR assessment in 2017, and was then rated ‘Exemplary’. It has, therefore, been rewarded for its work and its consultation with stakeholders regarding hydroelectric and thermal production plants.

After the DPE, the DME (Power Flow Management) is going to establish and implement a CSR action plan. Similarly, the DTET (Transport and Telecommunications Management) will launch in 2018.

Commitment to CSR - Eranove