Jean-Claude SIMANA

M. Jean-Claude SIMANA

Managing Director of SDE

Within the Eranove group, Mr. Jean-Claude Simana is the Group’s General Secretary and also a director of the companies CIE, SODECI, SDE, SDER and the Eranove Foundation.

With 30 years of experience in public service concessions in managerial positions, particularly in financial and general management functions, Mr. Jean-Claude Simana served as Deputy Managing Director of SDE from 2015 to 2019. then CEO from 2020 to 2022. Since April 2022, Mr. Jean-Claude Simana has taken up the position of Group Secretary General.

Before joining the Eranove group in 2015, Mr. Simana had professional experience successively as Administrative and Financial Director at the Société d’Exploitation des Eaux de Guinée, a SAUR-VIVENDI subsidiary, Administrative and Financial Director of the Société d Exploitation des Eaux du Niger, Administrative and Financial Director of the Chadian Water and Electricity Company, Deputy Administrative and Financial Director of VEOLIA Water Morocco, Administrative and Financial Director of the Northern Water and Electricity Company – AMENDIS Tangier /Morocco, Deputy Managing Director of Générale des Eaux Guadeloupe, and Director of Customer IS Deployment in the Customer Department of Veolia Water, on behalf of the Veolia Group.

He is a member of the General Management and Commitment Committees of Eranove SA. In addition, he is responsible for preparing the Strategic Committees of Eranove SA in perfect coordination with the members of the Commitment Committee of Eranove SA.

Its main missions and responsibilities are the legal life of Eranove SA and the supervision on behalf of Eranove of the legal elements of all the Group’s subsidiaries, in relation with all of its correspondents within these subsidiaries, the project assistance, management of the Group insurance component in the broad sense of the term, management of Group Ethics and Compliance.