Dominique Kakou

Managing Director of CIE

Mr Dominique Kakou is the Managing Director of CIE. With an engineering degree from Yamoussoukro (1982) and another degree from CESAG (African Management College) in 1990, Mr Dominique Kakou began his professional career as a civil servant in the Department of Public Works, Construction and Urban Planning in Water management where he was successively Engineer in charge of Research and drinking water supply works in secondary centres (June 1982-October 1988) and head of financial service in charge of financial monitoring and control of the concession agreement on public urban distribution of drinking water (December 1990 to October 1995).

He was then made Assistant Development and Management Director of the Concession agreement on Public Urban Distribution of Drinking Water in the Ivory Coast. In June 1998, the newly-created International Management, Research and Consulting Organisation (SIGEC), called on his skills as mission leader for economic research. Then, in February 2001, he was made Deputy Director, then Director of Budget and Management Control at CIE. In June 2008, went up another level and became Deputy Managing Director, in charge of the Management and Finance Administration Division.

The Director-General of CIE has also been a consultant in Rural Infrastructure with the African Development Bank (BAD).