Zahalo Silué

Managing Director of SPV KENIE, ASOKH and LOUETSI

Project Director for Eranove, the leading pan-African industrial group in public services management and electricity and water production, Zalaho Silué is, in particular, responsible for the development of hydroelectric projects. He is Director-General of three project companies (SPV): Kenié Renewable Energies (KER) in Mali, Asokh Energy in Gabon and Louetsi Hydro in Gabon. These SPVs, subsidiaries of the Eranvoe group, provide management (facilities management and in the future, operation and maintenance) of hydroelectric development projects in Mali and Gabon.

Before joining Eranove, Zahalo Silué gained a range of experience in the water, sanitation and electricity sectors. He was an infrastructure consultant – electricity, water and sanitation for funders and African development banks. In this role, he conducted research for the World Bank (IDA) on institutional framework reform within the Ivory Coast electricity sector that led to consideration of renewable energy, energy efficiency and the establishment of a funding mechanism.

Previously, Zahalo has held various executive positions in the Water Distribution Company of the Ivory Coast (SODECI), including the posts of Director of Logistics and Purchasing, Deputy Technical Director and Regional Director (North Abidjan). Among other things, he was in charge of logistical team support, of managing infrastructure, drinking water production and sanitation projects, of operation and maintenance of facilities and of the drinking water network, and of customer management.

Zahalo Silué started his career as an engineer at Ivory Coast Electrical Energy (EECI), the national electricity company until operations were privatised in 1990. From that date on, he joined the Ivory Coast Electricity Company (CIE). In these two companies, Zahalo was in charge of general economic research and planning, structuring of production facilities, transport and electrical energy distribution research.

Zahalo Silué is a graduate of the London Business School (MBA) and also of the Ecole Supérieure Interafricaine de l’Electricité (ESIE) in Bingerville (Electrical Engineer).