Smart meters for SODECI’s customers

SODECI is installing smart meters

In order to allow customers to keep up to date with water leaks and consumption, the Ivory Coast Water Development Company (SODECI) wants to provide almost 50 000 households in the Abidjan network with smart meters.

On Thursday 8th November, at the Abidjan Infrastructures Exhibition (Sia 2018) in the Abidjan-Port Bouet Exhibition Centre, the director-general of SODECI, Basile Ebah, indicated that 20 000 smart meters have already been installed.

“Smart meters allow water consumption to be calculated automatically. Information on consumption is transferred directly to a central system, and can then be sent to a customer’s smartphone (information that allows them to see if their consumption is higher than normal etc).”

The director-general of SODECI also presented a system that allows leaks to be detected. “Our team can, using this equipment, see the leaks that we can’t see with the naked eye. And the information about water leakage is immediately sent via the Internet to a central system that analyses the facts. The information is analysed and triggers leak repairs directly” explains Basile Ebah. He argues that the water leaks are due to the fact that the Abidjan network is very old and therefore there is a lot of leakage.

He is excited about the fact that Sia 2018 gives him the opportunity to present his group’s innovation to the general public and the authorities.