Mr. Sylvestre Sem

Mister Sem Sylvestre is Managing director of GS2E, CIE’s and SODECI’s economic interest group.

A graduate from ESIGELEC Rouen (Industrial Computer Engineering), Sem Sylvestre is an information system expert and has a confirmed experience of CIE’s and SODECI’s businesses.

He successively was an IBM Systems Engineer, head of the system department at the EECI data centre (1984-1990); Head of the Systems and Network department at CIE (1991-1994); SODECI IT Director (1995-2005); Head of the GS2E Information systems department (2006-2012), then Assistant Managing Director of the GS2E Information Systems sector (March 2012), before being appointed GS2E Managing Director on 21st August 2012 by the GS2E Board of Directors.

Mr. Sem Sylvestre is the chairman of the IT Manager association of Côte d’Ivoire.