The Government of Democratic Republic of Congo has undertaken a programme of reforms which include the transformation of REGIDESO from a public company to a commercial company, and the definition of a strategic plan to allow REGIDESO to return to its place amongst the best performing water companies in Africa.

In 2012 the Eranove-SDE group won an international RFP for the Specialised Operator service contract for the administrative, financial and technical management of potable water services for the Régie de Distribution d’Eau de la République Démocratique du Congo (REGIDESO) financed by the World Bank.

This three year service contract aims to strengthen REGIDESO’s capabilities in some key functions:

This especially covers the availability of 5 Senegalese experts from SDE. Services and products intended to improve REGIDESO organisation and resources will also be provided.

The contractual actions will essentially be concentrated on the cities of Kinshasa (12 million inhabitants), Lubumbashi and Matadi.

The SDE expert team has been working on site in Kinshasa since 28th February 2013.