Potable water: local performance and international recognition

SDE and SODECI are characterised by the quality of their customer relations. With specific call centres for repairs, customer centres spread over the entire territory close to subscribers, the possibility of remote payment using a cell phone or in bank branch networks, the eranove water distribution companies strive to develop proximity services. Within the eranove group, potable water production is quality, security, environnement certified (ISO 9001, OSHAS 18001, ISO 14001).

The implementation of the processes required to obtain this certification, and the monitoring of these processes, are an essential part of potable water quality management and support the quality of our analysis laboratories.

SDE, with its service output in excess of 80% and coverage rates in excess of 97%, is a reference for the effective distribution of potable water in Africa.

In the framework of the Water Operators Partnership (WOP Africa), SDE and the water company of Guinea (SEG) are examining the possibility of a partnership so that SDE can share its know-how and expertise to benefit the Guinea population.

Finally, the signature of the Régidéso service contract by SDE jointly with eranove (following an international RFP) offers the eranove group influence beyond Senegal’s borders. Since April 2013,SDE has a mission to make known and hand down its know-how to the Régie des Eaux de la République Démocratique du Congo.