Financial Monitoring Committee

The Financial Monitoring Committee is the body that steers the economic and financial results of eranove group entities. Each group company has its own Financial Monitoring Committee.

Its role:

  • to prepare the subsidiary’s financial planning (business plans, 5 year plans, budgets, updates),
  • to monitor and analyse the results and the main elements of the balance sheet for each subsidiary using local and IFRS standards,
  • to steer the main options when closing subsidiary accounts (each quarter and every year),
  • to define and monitor corrective actions if forecasts are not met,
  • to encourage feedback on economic and financial best practises amongst eranove group companies.

Its composition:

The Commitee is composed of Eranove SA Managing Director, Eranove SA Deputy Managing Director, the Managing Director of each Eranove group company and their collaborators in charge of financial and economic issues (Deputy Managing Director, Secretary General, Chief Financial Officer, etc.)