Audit Committee

The Audit Committee guarantees the reliability of accounting and financial information and the internal control of eranove SA and its subsidiaries.

Its role

The Audit committee generally monitors issues relative to the drawing up and control of accounting and financial data, and especially monitors the integrity of eranove group’s financial statements and how financial data is compiled, the effectiveness of internal control systems and risk management on financial and accounting data.

Its composition

The Audit Committee members are appointed from amongst the administrators by the Board of Directors, one of which is the eranove SA Deputy Managing Director. Its chairman is appointed by the Board.

  • Mr. Brice Lodugnon, Director of Emerging Capital Partners (ECP) in Abidjan; Chairman of the Audit Committee
  • Mr. Marc Albérola, Eranove SA managing Director
  • Mr. Eric Tauziac, Eranove SA Deputy Managing Director