Operations committee

The Operations Committee (COMOP) monitors the group companies’ yearly targets, coordinates their combined actions and promotes the exchange of best practises between the companies.

Its role

The COMOP is a decision making body, within its framework group company Managing Directors present their plans of action to improve operational, social, environmental and contractual performances.

Operations committee decisions are the subject of a list of decisions that indicate the expected results, the deadlines and the persons in charge who will report.

The Operations committee especially (but not only) examines:

  • performance analysis, especially invoice and collection ratios
  • human resource management
  • operational risk management
  • policies for the protection of goods and people
  • certification processes
  • operational audit reports
  • operating system performances, maintenance and environmental management policies
  • product and service quality
  • commercial policies towards consumer customers
  • annual and pluri-annual investment programmes
  • contract management and monitoring relative to the conceding authority
  • strategic partnership management
  • innovating projects in the fields or water, sewage, electricity and the environment (Pre-payment, remote meter readings, remote management, call centre, etc.)

Its composition

The Operations Committee is chaired and organised by the Eranove Managing Director.

It is composed of the eranove Deputy Managing Director, of the Managing directors of the subsidiaries and the GS2E economic interest group.