The Eranove group develops customized and innovative solutions that contribute to making available vital services of quality to the largest number, while meeting the most stringent standards in terms of corporate and environmental responsibility.

Imbedding African cultural values, the Group will participate in the influence of the African Continent by promoting the African know-how and performance.


In Africa

Formerly known as Finagestion, the Eranove Group is a leading player in public service management and electricity and drinking water production in West Africa.

The Group has been operating in Côte d’Ivoire (SODECI, CIE, CIPREL and AWALE) for several decades, in Senegal (SDE) since 1996 and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, via a service contract with REGIDESO, since 2012.

The Group and its subsidiaries are fully committed to all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in meeting with quality, safety and environmental standards according to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 140001 certification standards.

Through Africa

eranove group encompasses over 7,800 African employees who work together to make its activities a success.

The group initiates and perpetuates African talents and skills through its company culture which combines social innovation and modern management techniques rooted with African values.

eranove group is also defi ned by its private capital:

• Institutional and African capital via its reference shareholder Emerging Capital Partners (ECP) -a leader in African capital investment.

• Employee shareholding, encouraged at all levels of the group and of its subsidiaries.

For Africa

In 2012, about 200 million people do not have access to electricity in West Africa on a total of approximatly 620 million in Sub-Saharian Africa [Source : World Energy Outlook 2014, AIE, 2014.]

According to the African Development Bank, developing the electricity sector in Sub-Saharian Africa required a yearly investment of USD 41 billion each year. Moreover, in 2011, the World Bank assessed to US 21.9 billion the yearly investment needs for water and sanitation infrastructures.

In this context Eranove through its subsidiaries provide essential services:

• in the Electricity sector, with its expertise in electricity production, transmission, and distribution: 1,250 MW installed capacity; 1.63 million customers; a central role in the West African interconnected network with its exports to Ghana, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali.

• in the water sector, with its expertise in drinking water production and distribution and in sewage: 423 million m3 of potable water produced; 1.64 million households supplied with potable water; 0.43 million households customers of sewage services.