Our strategy

The eranove group develops customized and innovative solutions that contribute to making available vital services of quality to the largest number, while meeting the most stringent standards in terms of corporate and environmental responsibility. Imbedding African cultural values, the Group will participate in the infl uence of the African Continent by promoting the African know-how and performance.

Highlighting African expertise

  • Regional expertise platform
  • Training centers for water and electricity professionals
  • Innovating and eff ective social policy
  • Employee shareholding to increase employees’ responsibility
  • Promotion of the ISO and OHSAS references for quality, safety, environment and social responsibility
  • Management system based on the decentralization of responsibilities

Trusting relationships with the African states

  • Bespoke solutions and concepts to widen the access to essential services (water and electricity)
  • Consideration of contextual and cultural aspects
  • Constance of the strategic vision

Diversity of  nancing sources

  • Equity capital from the group and its subsidiaries’ performances
  • International institutional investors, partners of State development
  • Local and regional banks for fi nancing in local currencies

International reference technical partners and local partners

  • Selection of the best partners depending on the needs
  • Technology watch and R&D access
  • Continuous improvement of practices
  • Access to leading edge technology
  • Private African partners, relays for local development