Environmental responsibility

A responsible attitude to the environment is an imperative for our companies.

They analyse existing and potential impacts of production and consumption modes and, if necessary, modify these processes based on technical, organisational and financial leverage.

Our subsidiary companies consume water, gas and chemicals to produce electricity or potable water and thereby generate waste or effluents.

Reduction of atmospheric emissions, rational use of energy, surveillance of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction in water consumption, effluent and solid waste management, controlled use of hazardous substances and hydrocarbons, limitation of sound pollution these are all themes that are carefully examined by the companies in the context of their activity.

CIPREL and the combined cycle

To fuel the growth and meet the electricity demand, the State of Côte d’Ivoire has signed with CIPREL an extension of 222 MW of CIPREL’s power plant for one gas turbine, one steam turbine and a combined cycle: CIPREL IV.

CIPREL IV environmental impact:

  • Limit of CO2 emissions owing to the steam turbine which allow to avoid 500 000 tons of CO2 emissions each year
  • Preserve national ressources in natural gas. The steam turbine allows 111 MW additonal without any additional gas consumption
  • Reduction of hot air rejected in the athmosphere
  • Reduction of Nox emissions owing to the installation of a Dry Low Nox on one gas turbine