The technicality of water and electricity trades, tensions on the African labour markets, and eranove group’s striving for excellence have led the group’s general management to pay special attention to the training of its employees.

cmeThe group companies recognise the need to develop human assets and satisfy the employees’ need for self fulfilment in order to give them a long term vision within the company project.
To achieve this the companies have adopted a policy to capitalise on know-how and good behaviour which is specifically oriented towards training, potential management and working conditions.
In this context they define the skills, continuously assess and train each employee directly involved in achieving priority objectives, beyond management positions.

Two integrated training centres

D3S_8160To guarantee the access of all to bespoke training perfectly adapted to the group’s and its employees’ needs, Eranove has two integrated training centres within its CIE and SODECI subsidiaries in Côte d’Ivoire.
The “Centre des Métiers de l’Electricité” (CME) and the “Centre des Métiers de l’Eau” (CMEAU) dispense trainings covering all activities of electricty and water companies and especially the core businesses: production, transport, distribution, commercialization.

Competencies are key for Eranove’s performance and development ambitions, notably to become a panafrican plateform in public services and electricity generation.

The Eranove Group has initiated a project of excellence training centers both for water and electricity in Côte d’Ivoire.