Social Innovation

The social policies adopted by eranove group companies participate in the improvement of worker well-being, and cover fields as diversified as career management, medical coverage, associations, etc.

To further involve employees in the companies’ efforts to produce, they are part of a profit sharing scheme.

Furthermore, they can benefit from various socially-related financing thanks to the funds created within the company, for example mutual investment funds.

Also, each company has developed tools to raise awareness and help manage the family budget the purpose of which, beyond the satisfaction of material needs, is to help employees to manage better, fulfil their projects and prepare their post-professional or extra-professional lives.

Socially related financing in Côte d’Ivoire

  • The Mutual Investment Fund allows employees to participate in the equity of their company and of the group. These funds have other diversified investments in Côte d’Ivoire .
  • The Solidarity Fund, an expression of African solidarity carried over to company level, is fed by an annual contribution from the company and by the employees’ monthly contributions. It makes it possible for employees to benefit from a non refundable financial aid in the event of happy or unhappy events.
  • The savings and loan mutual fund makes it possible for employees who have proved their capacity for savings to apply for a loan. This mutual fund especially facilitates employees to purchase homes.
  • Retirement Health Coverage is an innovating social product in Côte d’Ivoire. This insurance policy makes it possible for retired staff to have medical coverage during their retirement. It mitigates the absence of national insurance coverage for pensioners in Côte d’Ivoire.
  • The Solidary Health Fund caters for workers infected by HIV. The patients benefit from free treatment based on tri-therapy.

Household Budget

CIE, SODECI and CIPREL have deployed the “Household Budget” concept in the companies. This project consists in putting the individual and the household at the heart of the country’s economic and social development as the main and essential actor: if the household group is correctly managed in a healthy environment, then the district, the village, the town, the city and the entire country will follow.

To achieve this, training and awareness sessions are organised for all employees covering household budget management, learning to save, and the protection of the living environment. These workshops contribute directly to the personal development of the employees throughout their careers, and helps them to retire serenely.