Management policy

The management system implemented in Eranove subsidiaries has integrated African values with international management techniques to maximise staff potential, its well-being and its safety.

Our management policy is based on 4 pillars:

  • Decentralisation
  • Responsibility
  • Delegation
  • Open communication

It turns around 5 keys success factors:

  • A flat structure with a limited number of hierarchical levels and strong decentralisation, so that decisions are taken as close as possible to the action, and especially customers
  • A customer centric approach, based on customer needs and quality of service
  • The separation of organisational functions to create a control system, make verifications easier, and to create a rampart against corruption and fraud
  • The employment of more women
  • UA global and attractive social policy catering to all staff needs

This environment based on individual responsibility makes it possible for each person to fully contribute to the group’s performance and to develop serenely.