Mr. Brice Lodugnon

Brice Lodugnon is Managing Director at Emerging Capital Partners (ECP) and also director for project structuring for Eranove. With seven funds and over $2 billion under management, ECP is a leading private equity manager focused exclusively on Africa. Headquartered in Washington DC, ECP has seven offices across Africa and over a decade of investing experience in companies operating in over 40 countries on the continent.

Prior to joining the ECP team in 2001, he served as Economic Adviser to the Minister of Economic Infrastructure of Côte d’Ivoire and as an associate with Taylor DeJongh, Inc. in Washington DC.

Mr. Lodugnon holds MSc degrees from the Colorado School of Mines and the French Petroleum Institute (IFP), and a masters in engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lille in France. He is a citizen of Côte d’Ivoire and serves on the boards of Air Ivoire, SIPH, Salt Investment, eranove, Oragroup, NSIA Participations, Planor Capital International and Thunnus Overseas Group.